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                                                          Express Warranty
As per Cal.Civ. Code 1793.01 Express warranty will not begin earlier than the date of
the delivery of such purchased consumer good.

Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC and the Fire-Retardant Distribution System must be used in accordance with all applicable laws affiliated with AB38, including federal, state, and local regulations and with manufacturer-specified instructions outlined in the WHPS Owner’s Manual. Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC, is not responsible for any damage arising from use in any other manner.

                                                        Assumption of Risk
By using the Fire-Retardant Distribution System, you are accepting any and all risk
associated with its use. Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC is not  not responsible for any injury or damage related to the use of this product or service. There is no guarantee that structures can be saved from damage by certain wildfires, but the property owner can rest assured that they have implemented the best possible protection measures by following the WHPS 3-pronged action plan stated in the Owner's Manual.

The customer here by agrees to indemnify and hold the company harmless from any
claims, damages, losses, liability, or cost arising out of the improper or unauthorized use
of Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC Fire-eyardant Distribution System.

                                                       Warranty Exclusions
Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC does not provide any warranties for damages or loss resulting from the use of our product in any way that is contrary to its intended purpose.

                                            Force Majeure Product Disclaimer
Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance resulting from any act of God, circumstances beyond our control, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

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