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Instruction for FRDS Placement

Once you have clicked the eye and placed your home address in the google maps (your address here) 

  • Proceed to the bottom left of the screen and make sure you are on satellite view.

  • Next, locate your property and zoom in to find your property line of where your fire safety will begin.

  • Find your starting point and drop a pin by clicking the LEFT button on your mouse.

  • From that first pin, RIGHT click the mouse to bring up the menu and select measurements.

  • Proceed to place/drag your arrow/hand to the next placement that will measure 55 feet.

  • Left click the mouse and drop the pin at the 55 foot mark.

  • Depending on how many Fire-Retardant Distribution Systems  you want or need continue to place a pin every 55 feet from the pins.

Example: First pin dropped. Second pin drop at 55 feet. Third pin will be placed at 55x2=110 feet.
Fourth pin place at 55x3=165 feet. Fifth pin place at 55x4= 220 feet, etc..

Click below for video tutorial
world map.jpg
pin drop_edited.png
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