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  Introducing Our New Wildfire Defense System

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Wildfire Home Protection Services, LLC

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Wildfire Home Protection Service, LLC

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 Our climate is changing drastically and with that comes larger and more uncontrolled wildfires that have devastated lives and countries while still using methods of antiquity.

Climate change has inexorably stacked the deck in favor of bigger and more intense fires across the American West over the past few decades, science has incontrovertibly shown. Increasing heat, changing rain and snow patterns, shifts in plant communities, and other climate-related changes have vastly increased the likelihood that fires will start more often and burn more intensely and widely than they have in the past.

The scale and intensity of the wildfires burning across the western U.S. right now is staggering. More than five million acres have already burned — and much more may be yet to come.



Wildfire Statistics and Information


-The deadliest wildfire in U.S. history was the 1871 Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin. It killed 1,500 people, according to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

-The frequency of western U.S. wildfires has increased by 400% since 1970

-A 2016 study by the National Academy of Sciences found that climate change had doubled the number of acres burned since the mid-1980s.

-Since 2012, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning. Before then, fire officials could use the fall and winter to plan and regroup.

-In 2015, wildfires caused $14.3 billion in real estate damage. One reason is that 33% of houses are near a forest. They increase the cost of wildfire protection.

-In 2017, there were 71,499 fires that burnt 10 million acres. It cost $2.9 billion to put them out, the most in history. The Thomas fire was the worst in California. It burned 283,800 acres in December. The Wine Country Fires in Northern California cost $10.4 billion in claims. In 2017 the Forest fires were so monstrous that they pushed smoke into the Earth's stratosphere. It circled the globe within two weeks and remained there for months. The impact is comparable to a moderate volcanic eruption.

-The Tubbs Fire : October 8-31
Burnt 36,807 acres, destroyed 5,636 structures and killed 22 people causing $5 billion in damages.

-The Thomas Fire : December 4, 2017 – January 12, 2018
Burnt 281,893 acres, destroyed 1,063 structures and killed 2 people  causing $1.6 billion in damages.

In 2018, more than 58,083,000 wildfires burned 8.8 million acres. As of September 6, 2018, the damage was $845 million in insurance claims.

-The Carr Fire : July 23 – August 30, 2018
Burnt 229,651 acres, destroyed 1,614 structures and killed 8 people causing $1.6 billion in damages and created a Firenado.

- The Mendocino Complex Fire : July 27 – November 7, 2018
Burnt 459,123 acres, destroyed 280 structures and killed 1 person causing $267 million in damage.


-The Woolsey Fire : November 8 – 21, 2018
Burnt 96,949 acres, destroyed 1,643 structures and killed 3 people causing $4 billion in damages.

- The Camp Fire : November 8 – 25, 2018 in Northern California wiped out the town of Paradise, killing 85 people, making it the deadliest in California history. Another 11 people are reported missing. It burned 153,336 acres and destroyed 18,733 buildings. It was the world's costliest natural disaster in 2018 causing $16.5 billion in damage.

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